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 Em Kotoul

I have always excelled in art as a young girl and my interest developed into passion which I have pursued and earned degree in fine arts in Prague, Czech Republic. I have participated and won several awards in various exhibitions in contemporary art galleries in Florida, and recently after moving to Southern California in Los Angeles.

Today my easel and palette are my constant companions. I continue to paint, as I always have, because it seems like the only comfortable way to live. Painting makes me feel good. And my paintings seem to make others feel good, too. All in all, a good thing.

As an artist, and as a woman, I am about gathering: fragments, feelings, friends . . . our many selves, colors, and shapes. Captivated by color and the human form, my paintings express my passion for life. They reveal personal and collective history in layers of possibility, layers of truths uncovered. My work is a vehicle for constant conversation between the seen and the unseen. My creative process is a bridge between unconscious and conscious experience. In the sensual exhilaration of putting paint to canvas.
Arabian Nights
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Beauty and the Beast
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Black Dahlia
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Crimson Flower
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Hide and Seek
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Oil On Canvas 8x11
Madame Butterfly
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Mae West
Oil On Canvas 24x36
Mother of Pearl
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Princes of the Thieves
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Queen Bee
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Queen of Darkness
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Hope and Gratitude
Oil on Canvas 26x32
Oil On Canvas 16x20
Oil On Canvas 22x36
Contra Bass Oil On Canvas 18x24
Delta Blues
Oil On Canvas 24x32
Richard  Brinkas Sax and the City
Oil on Canvas 18x24
Clarence Gardener on Erhu
Oil On Canvas 18x24
Water Color
For Elisha
Oil On Canvas 8x12