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    3 Piece mixer design
3 Piece TapwareCompetition entry for the Reece Bathroom Innovation Awards 2009.
The design is inspired by minimalism and attempts to reveal elegance in a simple, pure form.The asymmetrical design of the faucet provokes interest and grants it ornamental qualities.Swept back lines and subtle angles give an otherwise static object an underpinning sense of dynamic motion.The form combines simplicity and elegance and acts as a bathroom centre piece.
The faucets long head allows water to flow like a waterfall or water feature, creating a large plane of water in which to use.This wide flow of water provides the user with a unique experience. 

Through product semantics the tap and faucet design is able to offer enhanced user interaction and feedback though product use. RGB colour changing LED’s are placed in the head of the faucet and illuminate the flowing water according to the temperature of the water mixture.
Cool water (10-20˚C) will induce a soft blue glow.
Warm water (20-40˚C) will induce a subtle white glow.
Hot water (40-55˚C) will induce a soft red glow.