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    These were for internal, non-profit use.
HR-MOD Internal Comms

These are some of the works that I did for the HR Department's PMFTC's HR Department. All used for non-profit, internal functions
PMFTC Inc. Job Ad Reds
PMFTC Inc. Job Ad Menthol
HR and MOD Folders 
 MAP Deadline Countdown
This was printed on a 3 ft. x 4 ft. Sintra board that was used to remind the managers of their MAP deadlines.
 MAP Emailer Variant 1 Study
 MAP Emailer Variant 2

These are the logos for the National Sales Academy, an internal training workshop for the company's Sales department that is facilitated by HR-Sales. Each color represents a different group: Gold = regular employees; Green = Supervisors; Red = Managers.
It obviously drew inspiration from and deliberately intends to channel NASA (even the acronym), wherein the concepts of exploration and new possibilities are brought to the fore.
 National Sales Academy Poster Template
National Sales Academy Emailer / Ppt Presentation Title Page
WikiNEO is the title of the New Employee Orientation Program, an internal function facilitated by the HR Department. Noticeably, the concept heavily drew inspiration from Wikipedia, with the intention to blatantly emulate Wikipedia, such that the program will immediately be regarded by new employees as a reliable opportunity for them to learn about the company.
 WikiNEO Poster Template

HR Teambuilding Tarp 
HR Teambuilding Tarp Proposal Study