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    This poster is a competition entry as well as part of an exhibition held in 2009 in Vaduz Arts Museum in Liechtenstein.
This project is completed in the autumn of 2009 and consists in an A1 poster themed on the principality of Liechtenstein, more specifically its size as one of the smallest countries in Europe.
The design is intended to be my entry at the XL, L, M, S, FL poster competition and exhibition, organized by Liechtenstein and Swiss architecture students, as part of the INCM09, held in Vaduz on october that year.

The theme of the competition and exhibition was about comparing the size of Liechtenstein to the size of each contestants country, and reflecting on how much this difference is reflected in the cultural, social or economical issues as well.

"Size Doesn't Matter" represents a goat eating the leaves of a flag-coloured plant, supported on a small block of text, expressing the natural example of how creatures and societies adapt to every kind of natural condition and succeed in doing so - something that both Albania and Liechtenstein have in common, as countries famous for their mountains.

INCM is an important activity of the EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly), where discussions are held on the future of EASA itself, a vast network of young and future architects, that goes on from 1981.