Letterpress ramblings
music lyrics, burlesque, villains and more by Drew Davies
Inspired music lyrics, old school UK villians such as Dave Courtney, Bernie Lee, Roy Shaw, Mad Frankie Fraser, Jack Adams and pin up / burlesque girls from the 40's, 50's and 60's, including g - pussy June Palmer. Traditional letterpress using wood and metal type on found stock, utilising screen print squeegee for incidental colour on photocopied image forced through the bypass tray. Printed using a Chandler and Price and previously on a Poco Proof Press.
ROCK & ROLL SUICIDE - David Bowie (printed on Poco Proof Press)
BANG BANG (adapted) - Nancy Sinatra (printed on Chandler and Price)
Bernie Lee - Villain (printed on Poco Proof Press)
Dave Courtney - Villain (printed on Poco Proof Press)
SLEEPING PILLS - Suede (printed on Poco Proof Press)
RISE - Pil  (printed on Chandler and Price)
Go flips baby (printed on Poco Proof Press)
I WANNA BE ADORED - Stone Roses (printed on Chandler and Price)
EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE - Radiohead (printed on Poco Proof Press)
Roy Shaw - Villain (printed on Poco Proof Press)
Max Baer and Joe Louis (printed on Poco Proof Press)
PARANOID ANDROID - Radiohead (printed on Poco Proof Press)
December Calendar 2012 (printed on Chandler and Price)
WE NO WHO U R - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (printed on Chandler and Price)