Fresh Cream is a college publication. Halleluiah! Vega is a forward-thinking private education institution that specializes in brand leadership. Due to the nature of a private college, students often miss out on classic university ‘traditions’, one of which being a College Paper.
Excited to introduce this much-needed element to our college, we (four senior students) decided to create an independently run publication (both on and offline) that reflects the flare of our specific Vega culture. With Fresh Cream, our mission is to deliver every bit of discussion-worthy news and events surrounding our campus, city and industry to our peers. Fresh Cream is conversational, entertaining, and personal to those of us who, for the most part, call Vega home.
Both online and offline publications host a unique blend of original content and useful reporting on what’s happening in and around Vega, Cape Town. This publication aims to connect all the unfamiliar faces that wander the halls and queue at Seattle Coffee together and to provide a platform for students to establish an authentic Vega culture.
The front page of the website features the latest content that is posted.
The industry section features news relevant to creative industry.
The naming process was a simple one for us because it makes perfect sense to develop an existing Vega brand, Fresh Cream, which was previously only a student awards initiative. Our concern with the Fresh Cream Awards was that the award itself had little to no recognition. There was no hype or ceremony to surround the students’ achievements. They merely received a discreet handshake and a certificate. To First Years, the words ‘Fresh Cream’ held no meaning, and to Second and Third Years, it held no weight.

We leveraged this opportunity in order to not only give students the appropriate recognition for their efforts, but to go beyond that by giving them a public platform to be showcased and celebrated. This simultaneously builds and strengthens the Vega brand internally, as well as communicates value to prospective students and the creative industry at large. So, in order to cover a myriad of bases, Fresh Cream, the publication was born.

This is an on-going, real-time project for us that includes constant updates and content creation and generation. We hope you enjoy it.
To view the full website, please visit Fresh Cream
Sincerely, Editorial Team Nicole Reichlin, Hannah Shone, Kevin Dunbar, Kelvin Southwood
The 'Vega' section of the website features news and views that are relevant to Vega Students and people within the creative community
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