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    The 2012 prospectus for Cambridge School of Art that I worked on as part of a student design team.
Cambridge School of Art Prospectus
2nd Year University work/ Freelance work
At the end of my second year I worked as part of a team to create the Prospectus for the Arts faculty of Anglia Ruskin University; The Cambridge School of Art. This started as being an academic project for marking that would also make it into print, but it in the end it extended long into the summer. This was an invaluable brief for me in gaining experience of professional practice. It was the first time I had worked properly as part of a design team, having to make group design decisions and work together to meet the clients needs and deadlines. This was the first piece of work that I made that was actually used professionally, and was very useful in gaining real life design experience. Below you can see some photos of the brochure, and also all of the spreads that I personally did. The whole brochure can viewed in pdf form at the Cambridge School of Art website. (http://www.anglia.ac.uk/ruskin/en/home/faculties/alss/deps/csoa/brochure.html)