GNC // Gold Card Promotion

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  • GNC Gold Reward Card Proposal.
  • Client: Abstract Print & Design
    The Project: GNC Gold Reward Card Proposal
  • As part of a targeted marketing drive Abstract asked me to produce a conceptual design for a reward card scheme for the retail chain GNC who specialise in sports nutrition and supplements.

    The aim of the project was to highlight the possible benefits a reward scheme would bring to the company and illustrate how such a scheme would be implemented.

    The Results:

    Conceptual card designs and finalised graphics were produced for a range of cards to cover the scheme's requirements as well as mock ups for a range of media including direct mailouts and in-store POS displays.

    The graphic collateral produced provided a great platform for Abstract to present the concept to GNC and sell-in their extensive ran
    ge of services.

  • GNC Gold Card Proposal - Dave Bowcutt