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Print is a traditional printing shop located in Bremen - Germany. The company needed a bright logo to represent what they do. Simplicity was the key factor for the design of the logo.

As they are a traditional printing company we decided that the logo needed to include the three basic colors that you need in order to print which are Magenta, Cyan and Yellow. 

We created a dynamic shape using CMY colors, so that it shows many other colors within the intersection of these three. The logo has a very good looking presence which attracts the attention of the viewers immediately. It is also very memorable and it portraits what a printing company should look like.
We used a rounded typography for the logo which fits perfectly with the design of the graphic element. The logo can be used either in a black or white background. The graphic element of the logo was used on envelopes, business cards, etc. It also allowed us to apply it with more applications such as uniforms, website, etc.
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