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Jaguar XJ Sovereign 4.2 Serie III

.Royal Heritage.

Humble roots to Posh Attitude & Stereotypes...

In a simple maner of explaining the title above, this is a car that belongs to a very charismatic person, some say a bit harsh to deal wtih and some say that he is simply stupid. 
Either way the owner of this car is a great friend of ours, and yes he might be a jerk but at the end of the day ain´t we all at some point? 
Who cares... 

This session took place in Portugal / Lisbon, but far from the centre and in a place full of green, "Poshy" places, Horses and people. 
Well we kinda enjoyed it there, it was very calm and clean, very organized and civilized.

Its an Hotel with a Golf Cort and a few vila´s as you might be thinking by seeing it..   


The word means rich, aristocratic, wealthy, loaded, fancy, toff, toffee nosed, upper crust, well off, or well to do.
This session is part of the 3 Session´s that we´ve made for this gent in particular.. 
He Summon´d us back to the mainland and got us working straight away on the Machines through an entire week. 
We can say that we loved that week, we cruised a Porsche Boxster GTS, an old Jaguar XJ 4.2 Sovereign from (1985) and a Convertible 3 Series Bmw, we had a blast.  

About the car we can say that this is a very emaculate old car, its in a very good contition, and most of the things are untouched, by this there are very very few scratches or marks of use on the interior, the paint is the original, the car shines and there are no scratches on it aswell. It still has most of its original factory stickers and loads of it original assembly parts. 
What was the most impressive was that the shock absorbers are still the original ones, and the ride is so smooth and comfortable that easilly puts you to sleep.  
A Journey to be part of...