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    HID (Human Interface Device). Subjekt Zero. 2012

A human interface device or HID is a type of digital device that interacts directly with, and most often takes input from, humans and may deliver output to humans.
(text source : wikipedia)

This is my second personal project in 2012 (the first was outside of the site)
I made a briefing by myself to make an illustration inspired from the devices (HID)
as seen around me.

put on the electrical elements, and should be detailed, at least
more and more detailed from all of my illustrations before.
done in 3 days
w/ Ai + Ps CS5
I didn't do any sketch for this, 
as I got an idea then flowing up that way.

I'm really in a good mood to do that
and very satisfied with the final result :)

thanks for watching, 
much appreciated.