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    This is my latest take on GTA Online's latest addition - Heists. All characters are digitally hand-drawn and based on existing game characters.
Hi everybody!

It's been a long time since my first project of Grand Theft Auto Online characters, lots of things have happened,
but here I am, back on track :)

This is my take on the latest addition to the GTA Online world - Heists - Part 4.
Or I would rather call it «Chapter 4»
Masks are indispensable - but here you can see our crew members the way they prefer doing it:
  Masks Off On Heists 
* These characters are all hand-drawn digitally and based on in-game existing characters.
The Heists are always an adventure, but for those who have not experienced them yet - here is a story.
Police, vault doors cracked open and the ruling power of Mr. Dollar are present as usual - this is what
the Grand Theft Auto series are about after all.
* Video & Music by W_Flemming
This is a personal project.
Logos and brands of Grand Theft Auto are property of Rockstar Games and its partners.