Tooth Fairy
Created the CG VFX for this short film. Head and wings modeling, high poly detailing, materials and textures, rigging, animation, rendering, and compositing.
Fuji Xerox Commercial
I worked on various VFX aspects of this commercial, like making the printer have multiple floors, set extensions, some particles effects, etc.
Motion Graphics animation for the company PanicBall
Various shots from PanicBall's commercial that I worked on
Full Body and Facial Character Rigs and Custom Selection Tool
(Re-rigged and re-look-dev'ed character and weapon models for client's Youtube-based fan film.)
An animation for the company Kinden.
Mobile Pool Game Assets
A truck modeled for the Aigan Kaiju anime
Anime-Style Character Modeling
Taxi Model and Rig
(created for BlueCrystal Creative)
Final video which was shown at expos to a few thousand people.
This video was created before the seats were foldable and before other modifications.
Freelance Work

Freelance Work

Various freelance jobs


Creative Fields