'Views and Perspectives'
AS Art Unit 1 Project
 In unit 1 of my AS in Art, i took up photography under the subject title: 'Views and Perspectives'

I wanted to see what i could create, and how i could use my camera as a creative tool. As it was my first official photography project, i think it was rather fitting that it was 'Views and Perspectives', this is because it forced me to experiment with different lenses and therefore different shutter speeds, apetures, and ISOs.

I decided to look at a very 'man-made' world, as this is the sort of photography i enjoy doing: resemblant of the work of Candid photographers suchs as Henri-Cartier Bresson. I also had a look at some more natural  locations so that it showed i had tried a range of shooting styles.

The images i managed to capture contained a dynamic colour range with the deepest of blacks and the harshest of whites. I was very pleased with all of my outcomes, and I got an A in this unit in my Art.

Hope you enjoy
In this photo: Tim Keogh
Joe Cornish experimentation - Rutland Water