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    Architectural Consultant to Monica Bonvicini for the main Artwork for the Olympic Games in London 2012
Collaboration with Monica Bonvicini
Handball Plaza Light Art Commission May 2010

Exactly 10 years ago the title of my solo show was: RUN - TAKE one SQUARE or two. The intended association was naturally with the Velvet Underground song „Run Run Run “(take one drag or two): the sound of the video installation included this song mixed/deconstructed with „Running Dry“by Neil Young and acoustically slashed by an endless-C-note from Bruce Nauman’s „Playing a Note on the Violin while I Walk Around the Studio“…although he didn’t know how to play violin and he was walking not running…
Three nine-metre-high letters RUN which seem all of polished stainless steel during the daytime reveal the mirrored illuminated depths of their faces as evening begins. A glowing necklace of internal convex mirrors and LED lighting convey the impression of a deep night-club interior.