Can Comic Sans have a positive effect on society?
Comic Sans for Cancer
Comic Sans for Cancer is a campaign using the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans (the font we all love to hate) to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The campaign had a global online reach of 13 million people, raised over NZD$12,000 for Cancer Research UK and has been featured in a wide range of publications/blogs such as Mashable, Creative Review, Design Week, Digital Arts, Design Taxi, The Independent and The New Statesman.

A mixture of international designers, artists and studios, along with emerging and established designers have contributed. These include Vincent Connare (Comic Sans creator), his nemesis Ban Comic Sans, Build, Bunch Design, Believe In, Hey Studio, Purpose, Spin, Sawdust, The Partners, Kiosk – and many, many more. 
In its short history, Comic Sans has divided people like no other font. Everyone seems to have a view – some so extreme that entire websites have been set up to get the font banned! But the question we kept asking was could Comic Sans have a positive effect on society? To test this and to celebrate the font's anniversary, over 500 designers and artists from 38 countries created posters showing what Comic Sans means to them. Do they love it or hate it? What would the world be like without the font everyone seems to love bashing?
The results are diverse and intriguing and we believe challenge the way we look at this divisive font.
Exhibition Book
Exhibition book design - Observatory
Exhibition newspaper
A small selection of posters
Believe In / Fontsmith
David Bailey (Kiosk) / DIA
Sawdust / Spin
Observatory / Bunch
Build / Mash Creative
Keith Hancox (The Partners) / Hey Studio
Two Times Elliott / Kids with Puns
Jens Windolf / Danny Greaves
Karoshi / MultiAdaptor & Neil Edwards
Exhibition launch Twitter takeover
• 500 submissions from 38 countries
• A global online reach of 13 million
• Over $12,000 raised for Cancer Research
• Silver at Best Design Awards (NZ)
Curators: Chris Flack, Renee Quigley & Jenny Theolin.
Thanks: Dan Bull, Vincent Connare, Mike Reed, Becky Williams, Mark Sinclair & all the designers/artists involved.
Supported by: TBWA, Monotype, GF Smith, Ripe Digital, Nimbus Hosting, The Proud Archivist, Newspaper Club, Crusador, On Demand, Lick & Stick, Observatory, Masters Bookbinding & David Craik photography.
Comic Sans For Cancer | Campaign & Exhibition

Comic Sans For Cancer | Campaign & Exhibition

Can Comic Sans have a positive effect on society? Comic Sans for Cancer is a campaign using the 20th anniversary of Comic Sans (the font we all Read More