Obey Encasement and Packaging
A Promotional Piece
Obey, started by Shepard Fairey, is an ongoing project. Based off of an image of Andre the Giant that appeared on a poster, the striking image got into Fairey's head and, ever since, has appeared all over the world. To showcase the influence that the project has had on the world, I wanted to make a promotional piece consisting of a DVD and stickers in an encasement.
This is the DVD with an instance of Andre the Giant in a star. It lies against its asymmetrical encasement, which has a pattern printed over it. It stays in place with a resealable tacky substance that was applied to the inner ring of the DVD and the encasement.
Shown above are a sticker, the dvd, and the case. Five stickers are inserted into the flap on the left. Once closed, the case stays shut with small earth magnets.
**please note: This was an educational project. All logos, trademarks, etc. are property of their respective owners.