A level Work (Year 13, Grade 12): Coffee Shop Identity & Poster Design
Company Information
The Teak Bistro is a newly established bistro that is based in Ho Chi Minh City. There are already a few design gallery café style in Ho Chi Minh City; however, The Teak Bistro plans to separate it from the rest. It will offer a range of beverages and hot delicacies. It is a modern bistro which will have wooden interior, hence the name teak. The bistro will have a mix-and-match style of interior furnishings that mixes vitality into its simplicity with a use of elegant splashes of colour. The bistro’s target audience will be adults aged 18 to 45 who seek an inspiring ambiance for their working day.
Design Brief
You are required to create the brand identity for The Teak Bistro and its advertising campaign. The design should reflect the atmosphere of the bistro and attract the target market. The branding of the product requires a logo, colour scheme, and typeface which will be used on company publications. You are also required to design an advertising campaign which will include a range of promotional merchandises.
After developing different logos and experimenting with medias and ideas, I resulted with the idea of combining the bird's eye view of the coffee cup with the teak wood texture drawn on the coffee as coffee art. I first painting and illustrated the wood log cross section and the coffee cup and then digitalized it on illustrator. The same is done to the text after experimenting with the fonts. The colour scheme is picked from my illustration of the wood and coffee cup.
Experimented with own textures and coffee stains and illustrated items while looking at artist, Oliver Jeffers.
Developing posters further with actual photos that I took
Looking into designer, Herbert Matter.
My final developed poster including the explored elements that I like
Set up a final piece that shows a mock up of my bistro in the common room
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