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EVE is a car designed from an environmental perspective under a  aesthetic PEUGEOT guideline .
EVE was designed as a three-seat vehicle that allows individual citizens that owns each EVE, take care and encouraging the environment.

EVE is the first intelligence vehicle with own personality and itself character. When is acquires, and the owner have the first contact with EVE, it acquires a unique character and compatible, to the owner.
The nano materials used in the body allows to EVE to change its color acording to the humor of the driver, also the EVE´s computer  recognizes the beat of the music that is playing and changes its color,  generating by this way an enviroment that envelop the driver in a great atmosphere, acording to the music and the humor´s driver.

Interpersonal relations now with EVE evolve further, towards an emotional relationship with objects, making EVE a little more than a vehicle or product.

To Drive EVE is a full experience.Experience sensitively significant. At the end of the day what we have are unique experiences. With EVE every day is a new experience.

The body is made of panel comprising a mixture of intelligent textile and a polymer that reacts to the flow of energy produced by the friction of the wheels. This energy addition to providing rigidity to each panel, Recharges the energy of the cell's power car.