Naruto Fan Art
Being a huge fan of the anime Naruto, I decided to do some sort of fan art using my calligraphy. One of the most iconic powers of the show is the Sharingan, a very powerful "eye-technique" that bestows great power amongst it's users.

A more powerful version of that technique is known as "Mangekyō (Kaleidoscope) Sharingan"  and one of the most interesting facts about them in the show is that they are named after Japanese deities.

I chose to illustrate three manifestations of the Mangekyō:

Amaterasu (Named after Japanese Shinto Goddess of the sun)
Susanoo (Named after Japanese Shinto God of the sea)
Tsukuyomi (Named after Japanese Shinto God of the moon) 

There are some intricacies in the artwork that I am hoping some of the fans would get as well.