EMART Virtual Store App
EMART Virtual Store App
EMART’s virtual store app, which delivers immediate purchasing experience available at an offline store in a mobile environment, pursues the novelty and excitement of shopping as the creator of the virtual store category in the mobile commerce market.
September 2014  ·  © D.FY Creative Studio
Deal of the day items that can be met at the store entrance.
The  ‘Obanjang’ page, which is popular in EMART’s online shopping mall, takes the form of a hanging banner, corresponding with the concept of EMART’s virtual store app. The page is also easily accessible from any location, facilitating users to buy bargain items.
Adding mobile service conveniences to offline store experiences
Shelves are the same as they are in an offline store and, capitalizing on display know-hows from offline stores, merchandise is systematically arranged based on each consumer’s buying preference and pattern. In addition, a simple drag & drop enables users to place items they want into shopping carts.
Systematic layer structure combining design and technology
Its layer structure design enables merchandise images from EMART’s online shopping mall to be displayed on the shelf without additional processing. Such a structure, which operates on all shelves without exception, is efficient as it does not require extra work when a shelf of a new concept is added.
A wide variety of shelf design taking merchandise characteristics into account
Display know-hows from offline stores have been fully transplanted into the design of shelves to better suit each merchandise category that requires a different form of arrangement: ice for fresh grocery, top-view display for bowls and plates, and sundries stuck together in a holder.
The shopping cart page that contains a tinge of an offline store
The shopping cart of Emart’s virtual store feels like it has arrived at a checkout counter after finishing shopping. A tinge of an offline store has been incorporated throughout the entire process—from the moment a customer enters a store until he checks out and leaves.
Providing UX/UI encouraging cross- and up-selling
Just like an offline store, it provides cross- and up-selling UX/UI that suggests related products, encompassing two benefits of giving higher profit to sellers and saving buyers shopping time.
Exiting shopping experience found between shelves
Endcaps—basic ones equipped with a fire extinguisher, advertising ones showing flyers and videos and promotional ones displaying MD-recommended products are located between shelves to provide customers with not only convenience but also excitement.
Sleek and intuitive flat icon design
Following the latest trend, its flat icon design not only offers a sleek style but also visualizes various merchandise categories, presenting users an easy access to any shelf they want.
Available on tablet PCs for its target customer base
Available on tablet PCs with screens larger than those of mobile phones, EMART’s virtual store delivers optimal shopping experience to all age groups from homemakers in their 30s and 40s to elderly customers.

EMART Virtual Store App
Building a new mobile service utilizing EMART’s online/offline infrastructure

Designed by
D.FY Creative Studio 

Byungsam Hwang — Creative Director
Youngseok Jung — Project Manager
Eugene Kim — Planner
Mijin Ko — Art Director
Jiyoung Song — Designer
Sangyeon Lee — Develop Manager(Appgate)
Woongyeol Son — Developer(Appgate)
Youngil Choi — Developer(Appgate)
Kwanghyun Kim — Developer(Appgate)
Eungsang Kim — Developer(Appgate)

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EMART Virtual Store App

EMART Virtual Store App

EMART’s virtual store app, which delivers immediate purchasing experience available at an offline store in a mobile environment, pursues the nove Read More


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