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Vitek Vodka
Poles. Stick to what you're good at. Making Vodka.
Clilent: Vitek Vodka
Photographer: Adam Taylor
Agent/Producer: Mark Rosso-Gill
Creative Direction: Jay Furby (ECD JayGrey)

Jay and Adam gave us plenty of creative freedom as to how to age and build these to realise Jay’s vision, in particular with the snake. It took a little trial and error to work out the best way to get a snake to realistically look like it had swallowed a man – It was achieved through the very amusing process of tightly wrapping Tom (one of our retouchers) up in a blanket and photographing him on the floor of our studio.

We reckon they look pretty damn good, even if we do very modestly say so ourselves, and great working with Jay, Adam and Mark.