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    Converse asked me to make an artwork for their fan Pascal, wich was modeled and 3D printed.
To reward their fan, Converse offer them personalised artwork.
They asked me to make an artwork for their fan Pascal which was selected randomly.
I did a sketch which was then modeled and 3D printed.
After that, the piece have been offered to the fan !
Agency : Wunderman Division Blast Radius
Project manager : Anaïs Roger
Art direction : Sebastien Cuypers
3D supervision : 3Dnatives
3D printing : 3D & Co
3D modeling : Adrien Castel
Video :
Direction: Thomas Savary
Sound Design – Mixage: Thomas Lozano
Music: Monterosso
Production: ARPEL Films

Video of the process at the end of the post ;)

Thank you for watching !