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51st Chicago International Film Festival
You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.
Bob Marley
Take this kiss upon the brow!  /  And, in parting from you now,  /  Thus much let me avow-  /  You are not wrong, who deem  /  That my days have been a dream;  /  Yet if hope has flown away  /  In a night, or in a day,  /  In a vision, or in none,  /  Is it therefore the less gone?   /  All that we see or seem  /  Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar  /  Of a surf-tormented shore,  /  And I hold within my hand  /  Grains of the golden sand-  /  How few! yet how they creep  /  Through my fingers to the deep,  /  While I weep- while I weep!   /  O God! can I not grasp  /  Them with a tighter clasp?  /  O God! can I not save  /  One from the pitiless wave?  /  Is all that we see or seem  /  But a dream within a dream? 

A dream within a dream
Edgar Allan Poe
London Poetry Slam
Those who fall in love with practice without science are like a sailor who enters a ship without a helm or a compass, and who never can be certain whither he is going.
Leonardo da Vinci
madrid / show us your type
Ποιοι χάρτες σου ζεστάνανε ξανά το μυαλό / Ποιες θάλασσες στεγνώνουν στο μικρό σου κεφάλι / Ποιος άνεμος σε παίρνει πιο μακριά από δω / Πες μου ποιο φόβο αγάπησες πάλι

Σε ποιο όνειρο σε ξύπνησαν βρεμένο, λειψό / Ποιοι δαίμονες ποτίζουν την καινούρια σου ζάλη / Ποιος έρωτας σε σπρώχνει ποιο μακριά από δω / Πες μου ποιο φόβο αγάπησες πάλι
lyrics. Giannis Agelakas
music. Trypes
Roses, roses, roses!  /  Hear the tawny bull   /  Thund'ring in the circus--  /  Buy your arms full.  /  Roses by the dozen!  /  Roses by the score!  /  Pelt the victor with them--  /  Bull or Toreador!
Roses In Madrid
Isabella Valancy Crawford
madrid // show us your type
Μεγάλωσες μες στα σαλόνια και έμαθες / στο πάρκο μες τα περιστέρια / Με τον αλήτη που `μπλεξες τι γύρευες / αφρόψαρο στα φουσκονέρια
lyrics / music. Paulos Sidiropoulos
Paulos Sidiropoulos 'Τα blues του αποχωρισμού'
Compare the best of their days / With the worst of your days / You won't win / With your standards so high / And your spirits so low / At least remember / This is you on a bad day, you on a pale day

lyrics. Alain Whyte, Steven Morrissey
Morrissey 'Do Your Best And Don't Worry'
Art is anything you get away with
Andy Warhol
and all of it is yours and mine / and all of it is yours and mine / oh, let's ride and ride and ride and ride / asinging / la la la la la la la la la la la la la ...
songwriters: Gardner, Ricky / Osterberg, James
Iggy Pop 'The passenger'
/          t       ha    n     k                      y              ou                     /