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    Biography on my Great Great Grandfather Emile St Jean
War editorial : My great-great grandfather Emile St.Jean
In short, Emile left for war at age 16 using a fake name Earl, so that he could enlist underage. He was put into the Scottish Regime, and fought in some major battles like Ypres and Vimy Ridge. He was hit in the neck with a shrapnel. He recovered in a hospital and was sent home. He had six children, four which are still living to date: Donald, Anita, Emelda and Cecile. He died on a canoe trip along with his two friends John and Lorenzo. Nobody knows exactly how they died. Some say they drowned, but not a single body turned up. Others suggest they wandered onto native land and were killed. But unfortunately, this happened over fifty years ago, and it will always remain a mystery.