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    Breakdown of da Vinci-stylized portrait. Comission for anniversary gift.
At last I can describe how I get to walk in shoes of may idol - Leonardo From Vinci!
(polska wesja artykułu TUTAJ )
Białystok City Youth Center asked me to portrait a founder of KLAPS theater, for 50th anniversary. They've been expecting some creative and unusual project. 
So I suggested to do photographic mosaics made with old pictures with actors, creating together a face, or hand-made renaissance portrait.
So they agreed to order Leo's 'Lady with an Ermine'
I really don't like to be covered with paint, so I decided to create my masterpiece digitally, stylized as oil painting and printed on canvas.
As a reference, I had to use this photo, faved by my target - Mrs. Antoine.
So, let's go. As usual, everything starts with a sketch. In Leo style it meant to scribble lots of lines on old parchment with ink:D
Everythin' have to be climactic!
There goes background. Spite of appearances it's not just filling with bucket of black paint. I had to recreate all the single movements of brush, every crease and piece of fuzz, as they overlapped as time went by. Especially knowing its previous colour was a bluish grey (!)
Aaand there is this wretched inscription, with false description and polish version of Vinci's name...
Here's side-by-side juxtaposition. On the left: My digital reconstrution, on the right: Source image.
And here we go with silhouette - preliminary applicating larger patches of color and "extracting" lights and shadows.
Creasing clothes and applying texture into textiles...
And big pile of quck lines - our favourite rodent - Ermine!
Finally - slim feminine hand and ultimate amendments. 
Few days later I get the package from printing house. 
60x40 cm painting did a nice impression!
After framing, it was a remarkable anniversary gift during great celebration!
And this is it! Another happy customer and great fun 'n' joy for me!