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    A short film about a boy on the run...but from what?
'IT' - Short Film (2009)
Crazy Productions Films
Still Taken from 'IT' - Sam Norton on the edge.
A quick idea that i came up with while out filming one day. I was initially testing out some new camera equipment and experimenting with shots, so i decided to make a short film while in the process.

Sam is on the run. Frantic, alone, and seemingly lost, he runs for his life.

But, what is he running from...?
Starring: Sam Norton
Featuring: George Pearton
Produced by: Crazy/Norton Productions
Edited by: Crazy Productions
Cinematography: George Pearton
Written by: George Pearton & Sam Norton
Directed by: George Pearton

Please Visit my YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/notraep