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    Short Film about a paper-boy in a rural village setting.
'The Hollows' (2010)
Crazy Productions Films
This was filmed and released in the summer of 2010. It is a short 20 minute film that is based around a house named 'The Hollows'.

Doug is a paper-boy in a small, east midlands village called 'Barnack'. Everyday he goes about his rounds when he starts to notice something suspicious about one house in particular; 'The Hollows'. After the suspicious happenings continue, Doug decides to rope in the help of a friend, Sam. Together they try to get to the bottom of the mistery.
Starring: Douglas Tawn, Sam Norton
Featuring: Liam Dunne, John Searle
Produced by: Liam Dunne
Edited by: Crazy Productions
Cinematography: George Pearton
Written by: George Pearton & Douglas Tawn
Directed by: George Pearton

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