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    Fake trailer made for competition purposes.
'Bloodshot lies' - Fake Trailer (2010)
Crazy Productions Films
Still from 'Bloodshot Lies' Trailer. Sam Norton looking intimidating
Back in 2010, the company 'FXhome' started a film competition. The challenge: Make a movie trailer. There were virtually no rules as to what we could produce, and no specific style that was required.

This was our entry, 'Bloodshot Lies'

Tim meets Sam, a mechanic, when his car breaks down at the side of the road. After they meet, they soon become close friends. All is going well for them, until one day Sam comes to Tim for help; he is on the run from the police. After having various money problems and debts, he had no other choice. This chaging in events puts a strain on their relationship as Tim doesn't know if he can trust Sam.

Will Tim turn him in?

Starring: Tim Keogh
, Sam Norton
Featuring: Dan Wiggin
Produced by: Crazy Productions
Edited by: Crazy Productions
Directed by: George Pearton

Please Visit my YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/notraep