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    The end result for a tutorial on lightning. Simple effects and basic adjustments to create nice effects.
I am trying to create some tutorials for my blog, I liked this photo http://depthcore.com/pack-solo/3763/   it's pretty simple, but it looks pretty good. The lightning effect is pretty common, maybe even overused, but it can look quite good and isn't that hard to achieve. So I decided to take lightning as a subject for the tutorial. This is the end result.

Big version on deviant art.http://tessmore.deviantart.com/art/For-a-tutorial-133561895 

Some stocks used :            Visit Resurgere http://resurgere.deviantart.com/ here.

I used the Botanic pack, photo number 15 and the sky.

Girl from http://chonastock.deviantart.com/

Don't be affraid to give them a look, great stock photo's. Many of them are used in top notch manipulations.