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Together we are one
Client: Prima
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Industry: Real Estate​​​​​​​
Prima is headed up by Sara & Alasdair Roy, with over 30 years Queenstown property experience between them. Sara previously managed Jack’s Points Home Owners Association and Prima is proud to include this Association as a client. 

For this project we worked with values such as quality, professionalism, experience, discretion, trust and reliability. These values perfectly describe the professional and human characteristics of Sara & Alasdair Roy. Also a key factor was to show that they work as a service boutique company, meeting the needs of their customers in a personal way.

Through a collective approach, the design team listened and gathered important contributions from Sara and Alasdair about their requirements and feeling in their business.
We believe that the idea of “boutique” is not about scale,
but about proximity to clients. One key factor is fluid communication with their clients and taking care of the space that they manage as though it is their home.

The use of the bright blue colour is associated with loyalty and honesty.
It is a spiritual, fresh and transparent colour. Our petrol blue is a colour that conveys maturity and wisdom. This colour suggests responsibility, loyalty and inspires confidence. The combination of both these colours brings a perfect equilibrium, identifying the soul of the brand.

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