Cerebus: The Movie - 2D Animated Dream Sequence (WIP)

This is a special hand-drawn animated hallucinogenic sequence that I'm currently producing and directing for What Comics Entertainment's computer animated comic book adaptation Cerebus: Fractured Destiny. So far, the only things done for this sequence as of now are the animation of Cerebus (which was done first in CGI by me and then converted to pure hand-drawn animation via rotoscoping by Matthew Koh) and the raw, "sketchified" 3D animation of the flowers. However, Matt left the project after completing all the rotoscoping of Cerebus, saying that he doesn't want to do it anymore, so the only things left to be rotoscoped are the animations of the flowers.
If anyone wants to collaborate with me on this project (clean-up animation, rotoscoping, etc.), please leave me a message.
Here are two clips of the rough animation with the 2D-animated Cerebus character (which needs to be cleaned up and inked) and "sketchified" CGI flowers.
This is a storyboard version of the sequence, done by Daniel Grant.
And here's two reference sheets for rotoscoping the flowers and giving them extra movements.
Cerebus: The Movie - 2D Animated Dream Sequence (WIP)