Online international trade online collection and billing management company VI.

Design interpretation:
Graphics are the deformation of the letter “G”, like the shape of the wallet open.
The golden  is  tick hook “√”

Right, the  is so simple.

Why highlight this point?
Because, for a cross-border online payment billing management company is concerned, the core is not a superior network technology, nor is the attitude of the customer service tender, but not with the third party payment license qualifications, these are not the focus.

But -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the customer bill to check the "√", it is the most core, the user and the focus!!!!!!!!!!
But also the lifeline of GLOBEBILL company to survive.
"√"- means  the accuracy of the cross-border trade complex financial bills audit ! Of course including account security, because only safety can be accurate!! 

Globebill VI