"HOMESICK" (2012)
Project Details
Introducing the newest 'film' from Lee Riley Designs, "HOMESICK". The fictional film was created after an assignment was given to create a 30-60 second video based on a local news article headline. The headline used, "Homesickness Infects CU Freshmen", lent itself perfectly to a mock-movie trailer.

The thriller trailer was created using clips from epidemic movies of the past edited with footage of college campuses. Treated like a real film release, the next step was to create a teaser site for the film.

The site mimics movie sites to the full effect and includes the trailer, cast and characters, a brief synopsis, countdown to release date and the actual news article the film is based on. Below are various screen grabs from the site and the original trailer for the film.

View the "HOMESICK" teaser site here.