I was invited to participate in the Adobe Creative Jam held in Boston on August 9, 2015.  Along with my teammate Brent Rutter, we were tasked with creating a motion graphics piece in three hours or less, based around a theme we would learn only moments before starting our work.

BRENT: Had a great time at Adobe Creative Jam Boston! Our theme was "Everything is not as it seems." I worked along with my teammate Rob Edwards to create a motion piece that, for us, was about stripping away the flashy design elements and getting back to working with simple line, which can become shape, and eventually 3D. So, this is less about being surprised that something isn't as it seems, but forcing yourself to see the basics of design underneath the noise.
We received the theme at 6pm and turned in our finished piece at 8:30pm. Talk about tight turnaround. We're looking forward to another challenge next year!
The finished video:
ROB: We alternated between linework and 3D several times in this video, and we integrated 3D renders from Cinema 4D into our After Effects comp.  Throughout the challenge, I really appreciated the smooth interoperability between Creative Cloud apps.  I prefer to draw bezier curves in Ilustrator. Luckily, I could copy and paste my Illustrator path directly onto my 3D stroke layer in After Effects. This saved a lot of time.