Design 360° Magazine No.68 - Design & Paper
No. 68  Design & Paper   |   設計與紙

“The Spirit of Craftsman” is a hot topic nowadays,winning artisans and craftsmen of traditional handcraft unprecedented attention. Although handcraft paper as one of the traditional handcraft techniques is gradually forgotten by the times and currently finds it hard to catch up with the development of the society, it has an opportunity to revive in modern life, which needs to be realized by designers and artisans with their constant exploration of function and beauty, analysis on raw material, research on structure and function, optimization of processing and quality, and development of consumption and market, etc. With the help of modern design, handcraft paper can not only be reserved with great cultural value but also be applied to new paper products and new application that meets the modern aesthetic.


book i  |  Lab  實驗場

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book ii  |  Dialogue  對談

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book iii  |  Inheritance and Innovation of Paper  紙的傳承和革新

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book iii  |  Paper Design  紙設計

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180° Design  |  Designer’s DNA 設計師的創意基因

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270° Exchange  |  
Design for Catering  設計美味

 LongXi Creative Awards 龍璽創意獎

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Publication Info

Chief Editor & Design Director : Shaoqiang Wang
主編及設計總監 : 王紹強

Executive Editor : Joseph Foo

Editorial Consultants : Xiao Yong / Chen Nan / Javin Mo / Jiang Hua / Hei Yiyang / Aaron Nieh
編輯顧問 : 肖勇 / 陳楠 / 毛灼然 / 蔣華 / 黑一烊 / 聶永真

Design Assistant : Antiny Wu

Coordinator & Flowcharting : Krystle Zhang

Editors : Krystle Zhang / Shirley Lin / PT Lau
編輯 : 張星 / 林澤爽 / 劉佩婷


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Design 360° Magazine No.68 - Design & Paper

Design 360° Magazine No.68 - Design & Paper

If you say that papermakers bring paper the beginning of life, then designers and artists bring paper a life full of imagination. Although handcr Read More