MDAC 2015 Keynote Demo Illustration
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I was super priveliged to speak at the 2015 Mobile Digital Arts & Creativity Conference in Palo Alto this year. I wanted to not only demo as many of the new apps offered by Adobe that I could, but also create a format to show the full process of a real finished illustration in under an hour. Below are a series of timelapse videos with a description of each step in the process. 
I saw a lot of great stuff being worked on at the summit be sure to follow this event in the future. 
I started the illustration by using Adobe Photoshop Mix on the iPad to composite a couple images together to use as reference in the early stages of drawing. 
Learn more about PS MIX here.
Then using the Adobe Color app, I created several color themes from a few images to help guide my color choices. 
Learn more about Color here
After that I opened Adobe Shape and used the app to create a couple vector shape captures. Note that I am saving everything in each app to the same library in my Creative Cloud account. 
Learn more about Shape here.
At this point I used Adobe Draw to make a few small pieces to be used in another app. More steps with Draw coming up. 
Learn more about Adobe Draw here.
I used screengrabs of the drawings i just made in Draw, and created custom brushes in Adobe Brush. I created the brushes in the app specifically to use in Adobe Sketch. 
Learn more about Adobe Brush here
Then I used those custom brushes in Adobe Sketch to create a more geometric pattern using the touch slide feature in Sketch. I have to thank Alejandro Chavetta for that discovery. 
Learn more about Adobe Sketch here
And check out some of Alejandro's amazing work here.
At this point I stay in Sketch and start building the pencil sketch of the piece using my PS Mix comp as a guide and adding in all the details I want to use in the final ilustration. 
Once I get the sketch part developed to where I'm happy, I save the sketch to my device and then open up Adobe Draw. 
At this point I use a mixture of drawing and stamping shapes made in Adobe Shape to create the finished vector illustration. When Im done I export it by hitting "send to Illustrator" and it opens up on my desktop. 
Then once I have the illustration in Adobe Illustrator I make some color tweaks and even revisit those Shape graphics that I made as they are accessible in the libraries panel of Illustrator. Little bit of finishing touches and It's done. 
I'm not a pro at editing videos so feel free to ask any questions if a step was clear in the videos. 
MDAC 2015 Keynote Demo Illustration

MDAC 2015 Keynote Demo Illustration

Demo illustration I did as keynote talk for MDAC 2015 summit.


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