Other than Design, I have 2 big interests in life: Airplanes and Photography. In mid-2015 I had the opportunity to document the retirement of my friend's dad who was a 30+ year veteran of United Airlines flying the 747-400. It was a cross-it-off-my-bucket-list opportunity for me to not only indulge in my own fascinations (water canon salutes included!) but also to have this incredible honor of capturing the story of one of the last commercial flights this pilot/father would make. So traveling light with 1 backpack for the trip, 2 cameras and 2 lenses, I was off for the most memorable weekend of my life.

The end result was a book documenting the weekend journey from SFO-FRA that I gifted to the family so that this father's unique story could be told through photographs for many, many generations to come. 

Full story can be found at: Here are just a few samplings of the photos contained in this 100+ page photobook. (All photographs taken with permission with security overwatch and escort)