At the end of 2014, Marketo gradually moved away from branding with vector imagery to imagery that features real-life people to target the enterprise  but before this latest branding change, we used alot of vector based artwork. Each eBook was different in its imagery as it corresponds with the subject. These eBooks speak to Marketo's thought leadership stance in the industry. Here are a few examples of my work. Some feature stock photography and vector, some pure vector illustration, and some with typographical plays.
The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation
The Doctor will See You Now: Lessons for Marketing in the Healthcare Industry
10 Most Common Marketing Budget Pitfalls: Avoiding the Mouse Trap
Building a Marketing Budget Process That Works
Don't Get Left Behind: The Rise of Digital Marketing in Financial Services
5 Techniques for Lead Management Success That You Probably Aren't Using
Social Media Tactical Plan
Who, What, and Where Can You Personalize?