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    National brand designed for France.

Iconography designed to represent France as a culture, society and nation. Four icons become one in a Fleur de lis (a stylised Lily, the French national flower) to symbolise France's aspirations of national uniformity. These were designed for flexibility, to be used separately or together. 

Each separate icon focuses on one pillar of French society, these being; family, which generally centres around gathering for food and drink, egalitarian democracy, the arts, and in particular the film industry, and the Republic, or the freedom it represents.

The concept for egalitarian democracy has been inspired by the iconic French cultural figure Liberte. Likewise, he concept for the Republic has been inspired by the iconic symbol of the Republic, Marianne. Her likeness is based on a more recent French cultural icon, the young Brigitte Bardot, who appropriately represented the ideals Marianne was originally conceived by; youth, beauty and freedom.