Dwa Brzegi - 9th Film and Art Festival
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    Identity for 9th Two Riversides - Film and Art Festival in Poland.
9th Two Riversides - Film and Art Festival
Festival identity
I had a pleasure to design the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival identity for the second
time. The concept of graphic theme - cinema screens - came from the form of festival.
It takes place in two little towns Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec, where every year there are
being built at least 3 cinemas - tent and opendoor. The experience from previous edition
make me improve the identity and my thinking about it. 
My aim was to design a system which will work on any kind of media - from cinema
screen to A4 posters printed on office printers. So I've design a responsive system. Vector
cinema screens are totally flexible. It can be match with any possible content and format.
It can be filled with short or long text, festival announcement and it can (and actually is)
be a festival logo. 
Animated by Katarzyna Turowska
Thanks for watching!