CDS has been working with War Girl Games on their earlier visual novel, My Little Dictator for over a year by now. While illustration work for that game is ongoing, War Girl Games approached us regarding another visual novel projet. 
Over The Hills and Far Away (OTHFA) takes a rather different direction from the hammy humor of MLD.The nakige is meant to make the reader feel for the characters and cry for them. Essentially, it is a tragedy in the making and our visuals are intended to enhance the emotional experience of the reader. 
To that end, the artist handling the art direction, character and environmental design for the entire game is Tan Hui Tian, better known as Space Penguin. 

The project has handled in two phases since the intention was to raise the necessary funds through Kickstarter. The main character, Mai was designed in phase one along with some backgrounds and CGs for the demo. 
The Kickstarter launched in April but despite favorable reviews, it was only able to raise £2051 out of the £6000 target. We were able to negotiate a deal with War Girl Games such that we will continue to finish the remaining art for the game. 

These are some of the choice quotations from reviews regarding the art for the game:

"The sprite art for Mai is lovely. Soft colors and expressions fit her quiet demeanor. I especially like her smile. The single CG in the demo matches the art of the sprite and backgrounds very well. All of the art is consistent, and I praise Space Penguin’s work on the project for that consistency. The background art really captures the feeling of the gloomy weather and the dreary world, especially the abandoned battle field." - Mystery Corgi, ADVaNCE

"The first of those reasons is the striking visuals.  The artwork for the game is being produced by Hui Tian (Space Penguin) of Collateral Damage Studios. Beautiful scenery, unique characters and captivating CG art are showcased on the campaign page." - KRISWB, thisisxbox
The remaining characters, Aubrey and Jackson was completed in the second phase along with the remaining backgrounds and CGs. These are some of the artworks that were completed. Spoiler images not included of course. 
The visual novel was released on 16 Sep 2015 on Steam. Be sure to get a copy and cry a lot! ;_; 
Account Management: KC Ng
Art direction, character and environmental design: Tan Hui Tian