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    Product by Pele Sports Innovation Team
designed by Pele Sports Innovation Team
Greg Lever-O'Keefe: Product Creative DIrection and Design 
Sonny Lim: Product Creative
Ezio Margiotta: Biomechanical Engineering 
Darryl Cassingham: Innovation, Material Science and Leather Technology
At Pele Sports, we call this “tackling the 3rd element” and believe it to be revolutionary in the approach to performance footwear design. With an average of 2.7 injuries per team worldwide, we were focused to place injury protection and propulsion performance at the heart of their design mission.

Studies from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany show at a very high statistical significance level (p<0.01) that the Trinity 3E allows significantly faster movements when compared to other high performance products on the market.

Professor Ewald Hennig Head of the university’s Biomechanics Laboratory, stated that; "The boot gives the player the advantag advantage in a small or tight space scenario, allowing players to be 40cm closer to the ball in a kicking action. For longer manoeuvres (> 10 sec), players can have an advantage of being up to 1.5 metres closer to the ball on the field."