Anthony Thomas Chocolates: Advertising Campaign
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    Anthony Thomas Advertising campaign.
This project was assigned to me in my Advertising Graphic Design course at Columbus College of Art and Design. The objective was to develop a compelling campaign to promote a company. The company I was assigned was Anthony Thomas Chocolates.

I really wanted to focus on what made Anthony Thomas different from any other chocolate company. After endless research I found that they let you pick the chocolates that go in your chocolate box, instead of buying pre-made ones. When I read reviews online, I found this is what people really like about them. As you can tell I focused on this a lot in my advertising campaign. I started by designing an app that lets you pick and choose the chocolate you want and have the deliver straight to your door. Then I got all the other components to work with the application. I wanted to make the campaign humorous but not negative toward the Anthony Thomas brand. The packaging was made to make it more accessible to college students. Instead of buying a whole chocolate box they could buy three chocolates. This can open it up to a broader market.
Cell phone app.  Pick and choose your Anthony Thomas favorites!
Build you own box and have it deliver right to your door.
Final Anthony Thomas print ad.
Final Package Design
Final Package Design