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    Comedy film about four friends on a road trip to London. 5 hours in a cramped car - who will crack first?
The Road Trip
Crazy Productions Films
Poster for the film 'The Road Trip'
This is our main project for thesummer of 2011 - the feature length comedy 'The Road Trip'.

Crazy Productions in association with FOW Pictures andNorton Productions take you on a road trip! Four friends take a road trip down toLondon to see their low budget film being screened at a film festival in thehope that they will win an award. The journey however doesn't go smoothly. A seriesof events and catastrophes brings them to breaking point and threatening theirrelationship and put the film's future in jeopardy.

First Teaser Trailer 'Oh when the saints...'
The idea behind this film came aboutfrom actual events. As a group, we all make films together, and enjoy doing so.Two of us Film Makers, and the other two Actors. From traveling to variouslocations for filming, a great many occurrences have taken place that fuelledus to put them down on film for the world to see. Humours antics, jokes andpranks reflect what happens or could happen on a real road trip, while exaggeratingit for satirical purposes.

The film has been on the go for over 4 months. It is yet to be completed with afew scenes missing. The predicted date of release is now summer 2012.

Starring: Tom Bancroft, Tim Keogh, Liam Dunne, George Pearton, Sam Norton

Produced by: Liam Dunne
Executive Producers: Crazy Productions
Edited by: Crazy Productions
Directed by: George Pearton & Liam Dunne
Second Teaser Trailer 'The Bike'
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