Illustrations created for TCC's Mid-Autumn campaign on Facebook. Unfortunately, these weren't used in the end as the client decided to go with a different direction.
Client: tcc — The Connoisseur Concerto
Agency: Protocol
Content Strategist: Seet Siew Ling
Illustrator: Siow Jun
Key visual #1 created for the campaign pitch, featuring Chang'e the Moon goddess and her rabbit.
Key visual #2 features TCC's mooncakes depicted as fighting characters. The idea was to pit them against each other, with fans voting the winner.
A total of 8 characters were created, based on the flavours of the mooncakes.
Baileys flavour. I imagined him as some sort of drunkard.
Osmanthus Yuzu flavour. A katana-wielding warrior!
87% dark chocolate with a hint of citrus. I imagined him as a mysterious secret agent.
Hazelnut flavour. An adorably demonic lil' guy!
Sea salt & caramel knight. He's also holding a shield made of sea salt and caramel!
Black sesame flavour. I imagined him as a Rambo-like character.
Green tea flavour. He knows kung fu!
Rum & raisin flavour. Yes, that is a raisin hadouken.
Thanks for viewing and have a happy Mid-Autumn!