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    Hummingbird is free white noise app that is currently under construction for Android and eventually iOS. Check us out at: www.hyroic.com. This ap… Read More
    Hummingbird is free white noise app that is currently under construction for Android and eventually iOS. Check us out at: www.hyroic.com. This app is being developed by myself and a friend in order to expand our professional repertoires. Our app development company is Hyroic and the app is scheduled for release on Android in late fall. Read Less
The content below details the brainstorming process in deciding a name for the app as well as the name for the company. Since we would be offering a premium experience we wanted to avoid a generic name like "white noise generator."  We took into consideration that omitting the words "white noise" from our title might hurt our download totals but, we believed that this problem could be resolved with proper keyword placement in the app description.  As you can see, we settled on the name "HummingBird" for the app and "Hyroic" as the name of our development company.
The name HummingBird was chosen to reflect the faint hum of the bird's flapping wings. Below, you can see that we entertained the idea of "Yawn" as an alternative title for the application.  These sketches also explored the possibilities of loading annimations, types of in-app navigation, and an icon design that allowed for the possibility of deployment on both Android and iOS. 
We choose to create white noise app partially for personal use and partially as a learning experience.  However, we did tailor HummingBird to stand out against its competition.

We identified the following issues with apps currently available on the market and focused our efforts on filling these gaps:
·         quickly draining battery
·         app is unable to run in background
·         dated & overly complicated user interface.
·         too many sound options make for a cluttered experience.
Above are the initial user flow wireframes for HummingBird's launch process.  We decided that, since we wouldn't be collecting user data or allowing for custom settings within the app, requiring a username and password would be a needed-less step in the process.  Left / right swipe navigation was also nixed in favor of navigation bar on the bottom of the screen. (the user should have quick access to sound options without excessive navigation)
Above, you can see the logo refinement process as well as prototypes of the interface.  Both of these designs began as a series of basic sketches.  Working non-destructively with your designs, like above,  is an excellent way to compare and constantly refine without losing past iterations.
Each individual aspect of the interface required a reference name for coding purposes.  With the guidance of my partner I created a this visual reference sheet so that we could better understand the interactions that would be taking place.
Some reference names like "toolbarTransparent" are applicable across multiple background screens because they are simple black transparencies. Therefor, we were able to eliminate the need for mutiple reference names like "greyToolbarTransparent" & "pinkToolbarTransparent."  

Currently, HummingBird is scheduled for release in fall.  Be sure to check us out at: www.hyroic.com