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    Installing an interactive chalkboard for the local senior community.
So I ended up spray painting a little mural for the city of Seattle.
I was unicycling home from work and saw this woman spray painting some stencil work. She told me the mural was for senior citizens in the area to draw on the chalkboard and write what they would want to do as they grow up. I asked her to take some pictures of her work. After shooting around with her, I learned that this was her first time working on a wall or doing any sort of lettering.
Her stencil was ripping and she was behind on the project due tomorrow. She is 3 1/2 months pregnant and needed to finish the wall, as well as hang decorations in the park. Did I mention she ran of spray paint too?
I ran home got my paint, markers, ruler, measuring tape, and the rest of my supplies. I spent 2 hours painting this mural for her on the fly for free.
 I was happy to give back to an artist in need, and to give back to my city, and to give back to the senior citizens in my area. Also, I got paid in free spray paint!
Once I was done painting and installing the mural, a passerby came up to me and said that she worked at a nursing home that would love to have something similar. They wanted to do 6 movable chalkboards, and to have it at their senior citizens annual block party. I couldn't say no.
We decided to switch things up a bit. We added more quotes to allow for people to answer different types of questions. Rather than just, "As I Age...", now we would have boards like, "My Favorite..." and "I Remember..."
While I painted the boards, I decided to attach a go pro to my marker. Here is the result: