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    Sony Ericsson G900, launched in 2007. My role was lead designer.
Sony Ericsson G900

I was part of a design team responsible for the G900 in my role as Senior Industrial Designer at Sony Ericsson Creative Design Center. 
Back in 2007 Sony Ericsson had two different platform, their own OS and UIQ. UIQ is a feature-rich OS (or smart-phone if you wish) and the first phone with UIQ was the P800, one of the first phones after Sony and Ericsson joined forces, which launched in 1992. The goal with the G900 was to expand on the use and application of the UIQ platform. Previously it had been limited to business-oriented smart-phones. Sony Ericsson wanted to make the features and technology available to a much wider audience, hence that they wanted a traditional keypad in combination with a resistive touch interface and a more conventional form factor and size.

We targeted the phone towards mainstream materialists (one of our main target groups at the time), who were after a more modern classic design but with high performance. We decided to go for a quite conventional but very comfortable design direction. The design followed the classic archetype; Solid frame in the middle and separate front and back face. Overall button layout and design is very simple, approachable and elegant. Some of the detailing is more expressive, like the knurled frame and the graphical camera expression at the back.

The G900 was launched in 2007. It was to be the final Sony Ericsson phone on the uncompetitive UIQ platform before UIQ filed for bankruptcy in 2009.