Sony Ericsson Live Accessories / 2010-11
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    I was responsible for the design of these products in my role as Head of Creation design at Sony Ericsson Creative Design Center.
Sony Ericsson Live Accessories
I was part of a design team responsible for the Sony Ericsson Live Accessories in my role as Head of Creation Design Companion at Sony Ericsson Creative Design Center.

When Sony Ericsson started using Google’s Android operating system in early 2010 it changed the way Sony Ericsson approached their phones as well as the accessories. During 2010 when I was head of the design team for accessories, we worked hard to re-establish our business and re-formulate the role of the accessories in the company. Up until 2010, accessories were pretty much designed to work with a very limited amount of SE phones, but with the change to an open platform as Android it meant that we not only could target Sony Ericsson users and phones but in theory, all Android phones.

In the years leading up to this change, we did several concept-studies and were prepared for the change when it happened. One of the aspects we focused on was how to utilize the power of the applications in Android in the accessories.
We came up with the very simple idea of an ‘application-trigger’, simply put, a customizable button which will interact with an application.On the LiveSound headset, this button could trigger Shazam for song-recognition, a navigation program for directions or start a playlist in Spotify.

LiveDock :
On the LiveDock the application trirgger works in much the same way, but here the connection to the charging cable triggers an application like a clock application / start the alarm clock or start a picture frame application.

LiveView is a simple secondary display, a window to your world in the phone. It can be used in many different ways, worn as a watch or using the clip and it pulls information from the phone and can be used in those situation when you're not able to use the phone

This start of a range of innovative and progressive accessories have contributed to create complete offerings from Sony Ericsson and created great product eco-system within Sony Ericsson.